The Problem of SPAM

SPAM (unsolicited bulk Email) is a growing problem throughout the Internet. Emailbox boxes are being deluged with unwanted and unsolicted Email. This wastes a variety of resources, including the bandwidth associated with the transport of the Email messages, the disk-space required to store them, and the time and frustration taken by users to sift through their Emails. Users expect and demand that some action be taken.

All responsible ISPs and Web Hosts have an anti-SPAM policy in place to protect their users from the threat of SPAM, as well as to prevent the spread of SPAM. jaguNET is no different. We take pride in the fact that we have had anti-SPAM policies in place from the very beginning and are noted as an ISP/WebHost with a responsible anti-SPAM policy.

Preventing SPAM

To protect our users and clients, jaguNET uses Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) to block incoming Email from known SPAM sites. Email is not deleted or filtered; instead, it is bounced back to the sender with a notice that they are on a known RBL list. This allows the sender to fix the problem, get off the RBL and retry the message. Use of RBLs is standard and expected policy by all ISPs and Web Hosts with at least a marginal anti-SPAM policy.

For more fine-tuned control, users can also create procmail filters which allow them to check all incoming messages against set regular expressions and either allow or deny those messages from coming in. We can also add specific IP addresses to our "whitelist" database, to bypass any mistakes in the RBLs.

In addition to RBLs, our jaguMail service also uses ClamAV and SpamAssassin to mark viruses and SPAM. Many Email clients are "SpamAssassin-aware;" if yours is, configure your client to use the SA tags. Also, any suspected SPAM will have its Subject: line adjusted to tack a "*****SPAM*****" at the front of the original subject.

Just as we work to prevent the spread of incoming SPAM, we also work to prevent the outgoing spread of SPAM. Our connection and usage contract specifically forbids the usage of any jaguNET service in connection with SPAM.

These policies are not unique to jaguNET. In an effort to protect users and clients from bulk Email, all conscientious ISPs and Web Hosts use these common solutions to address the problem of SPAM. We appreciate all feedback regarding our policy and welcome any suggestions in improving it.



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