Our Beginings:
jaguNET Access Services, LLC ("jaguNET") was founded in 1994 by Jim Jagielski (most likely best known as one of the core developers of the Apache Web Server and as the Exec. VP of the Apache Software Foundation). An already acknowledged "web guru" at that time (because of his deep involvement with the development of core Internet technologies), Jim wanted to use his expertise and knowledge to help those who wanted to take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet, for personal and business use. Now, 10 years later, jaguNET is continuing that grand tradition.

Our Vision:
From the very start, jaguNET has focused on providing unmatched technical expertise with personal service. We realize that you don't just "use" the Internet, you depend on it. Whether you're an individual looking for dialup Internet access, or a company looking for rock solid web hosting, or anyone in between, jaguNET can help.

We realize, of course, that ISPs are a dime a dozen nowadays. So what is it about jaguNET that sets us apart? We think that there are several things.

Maybe it's the fact that after 10 years, and seeing much, much larger companies fail, jaguNET is still here and as solid as ever. And we've been an ISP and Web Services company for each and every one of those years. Ask some other "ISPs" what they were doing 5 years ago, and chances are good that, if they're honest, they'll tell you something like repairing PCs, or advertising or marketing.

Maybe it's that jaguNET really knows the technology, in a way other company's could only dream of (which means more reliable service for you). We don't just use the software, in many cases we've helped develop the software. We're acknowledged experts in the field, and we bring that expertise to you.

Maybe it's that to jaguNET, each customer and client is special, not just a select few. Other companies want to get as big as they can, as fast as they can, and we've seen the results of such short-sightedness. We've always actively managed our growth. And we'll continue to do so, because it allows us to maintain that personal level of service you deserve.

Maybe it's that with jaguNET, one company can be your complete "outsourced IT department." With one company, all your Internet and Web problems are solved, and with the expert capability you require.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's that jaguNET is all of these and more.

remains privately and locally owned and operated. We don't simply resell other companies services (for example, most likely your current Web Hosting company is simply a reseller of some other company's web hosting services), but instead manage our own facilities and resources. It's only in this way that we can truly guarantee the quality of service levels expected from jaguNET.

We are jaguNET are very proud of our company. But we're even more proud of the fact that we've been entrusted by so many people and companies for their Internet solutions. Let us help you!



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